What Is the Deal with Thinkin' Lincoln?

Hi there! My name's Miles, and I make this comic and website. If you're like a lot of people without brain problems, when you first got here you found yourself pretty confused. For example, perhaps you thought to yourself, "What the heck is going on here? What's the deal with this website? Why did Abe Lincoln just lick those things?"

This page is designed to explain why Abe Lincoln licked those things. Figuratively.

The Cast of Characters

This comic has a lot of characters, and I'm always adding more. Generally, the characters are the floating heads of historical figures, but not always. Also my versions of dudes only occasionally bear any resemblance to their actual historical personalities.

Click here for a long but non-comprehensive list of characters.

Featured Comics

Here are some of my favorite comics from the archives.

Featured Story Arcs

The Story/Continuity

Thinkin' Lincoln isn't a story comic and doesn't worry too much about continuity, but here are some facts that it might be useful to know when reading the comic: