About Thinkin' Lincoln

Thinkin' Lincoln is a weekdaily comic written by Miles Grover. It features jokes, sometimes.

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The Comic

Thinkin' Lincoln is a comic about Abraham Lincoln, kinda. Well he's the main character anyway. Other characters include George Washington, Queen Elizabeth II, Jose de San Martin, Charles Darwin, and more! I think it's pretty cool. Updates on Tuesdays.

In case you're wondering, the comic is drawn in Flash. The author has created all the images on this site by hand (in Flash), either from photographs or from scratch. The font I use is called American Typewriter.

The Author

Miles Grover is a 27 year old web designer who lives in sunny Seattle, Washington. He is politically moderate, highly in favor of ice cream, and he also enjoys music of some variety. Miles is a practicing member of the LDS Church and is currently going to night school to finish his dang Bachelors Degree. He hopes you agree that his comic is wicked kick-flippin', even if that doesn't actually mean anything. You can contact Miles with this email address: miles@thinkin-lincoln.com.

The Site

This site runs on Gordon McVey's iStrip. iStrip is free and open source (under the GPL) and all in all is pretty darn cool. The site was designed and the HTML coded by Miles Grover. The site should hopefully validate as XHTML 1.0 transitional, and otherwise follows web standards as much as possible. It has been tested in Safari 2.0, Firefox 1.04, Internet Explorer 5 Mac and 6, and Opera 8.01 and at least mostly works in those browsers.

If you're using Internet Explorer, have you tried Mozilla Firefox?

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